Content Creation

Content Creation

Due to the years spent as blogger, working as Content Creator writing articles and reviews, I learned how to produce and shot videos for various video tape. Not only the classic video reviews but also the most modern and kinematic formats. I also have a great interest in photography, particularly night photography.

Content Creation, Blog & Video Making

As reported on the homepage, my adventure in the world of blogging began in 2014. With it my willingness to create and propose content extended from forums to websites, where I published hundreds of articles, reviews and technical insights.

Having good technical skills in the field of telecommunications, hardware and even in software, in my reviews and articles I always have proposed a certain attention to the most technical and specific parts, trying to better deepen the aspects of the sector. In my articles and reviews, therefore, you will often find a lot of technical specifications and other detailed information.

Since in the last years the web has moved more and more to the multimedia Content Creation sector, over time I started to try video editing. A little at a time I learned how to shoot and make kinematic videos with my own tools. Often I’ve also put my creativity and imagination into play, also proposing funny and original contents.

I use my Sony A6000 for shooting, I rely on Sony Vegas for editing and, recently, Final Cut and Motion 5 for animation. Given also my interest in electronic music, I always try to find the right musical match in the movies. You may find some of my videos on the YouTube channels of the blogs where I write and on my Instagram profile.