Emanuele Pagliari - Computer Engineer: blog, blockchain, computer, IoT and content creation

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Content Creation

Content Creation

Due to the years spent as blogger, working as Content Creation attendant writing articles and reviews of any kind, I also learned to produce and videos for various video tape. Not only the classic video reviews but also the most modern and kinematic formats. I also have a great interest in photography, particularly night photography.

Computer & Tech

Computer & Tech

I am a passionate lover of technology in all its forms, from computers to the mobile sector. I also build custom desktop PC configurations to suit your needs and budget. I also perform repairs, installations and software restores, both on PCs and smartphones.

IoT & Networking

IoT & Networking

Having specialized in telecommunications, also considering my thesis work focused on Low Power networks, from a couple of years till now I’ve been fiddling with Arduino, ESP8266, RaspBerry Pi and some other DEV Board around my house. All this with particular attention to home automation, sensors and data communication over local networks.


Class 95, quiet personality, helpful and stable, since I was a child I showed particular interest in technical areas. Growing up on bread and Lego, drawing imaginary cities and building palaces, bridges and mechanisms using the mythical colored bricks, in 2006 I received my first computer. Three years later, later than my friends, I discovered videogames but above all my main source of knowledge: Internet. From there began my passion for technology, which led me to join the Faculty of Computer Engineering, Electronics and Telecommunications in Parma, where I graduated in December 2017. However, I owe most of my Hi-tech knowledge to the hundreds of hours lost in forums and web-maze instead of studying. I am certainly not a model student, given the ups and downs of my studies. Despite this, I am continuing my university career by attending the Communication Engineering course in Parma.


Over the years I have published hundreds of articles and reviews on some Italian blogs focused on technology. My adventure with the fantastic world of blogging started back in 2014, when I applied as a writer at GizChina.it. Led by the administrator Mario and other colleagues, like Luca, I learned the basics of blogging, SEO, writing and therefore how to make information. Then I moved to technical reviews and content, given my mentality as an “engineer” and for passion. In 2016 my role as a writer and reviewer expanded first to GizBlog.it and then to LFFL.org, accompanied finally by GizWear.net. In early 2018, convinced by my friends, we created CryptoMinando.it, a blog dedicated entirely to the world of cryptovalue, blockchain and technological applications of one of the most important innovations of this decade.¬†Below you will find all my articles and reviews on the various blogs.