Hardware & Tech

Hardware & Tech

I am a passionate lover of technology in all its forms, from computers to the mobile sector. I also build custom desktop PC configurations to suit your needs and budget. I also perform repairs, installations and software restores, both on PCs and smartphones.

My passion for computers, and more specifically for hardware itself, began in 2009 when I started disassembling my computer to see how it was done. So I started to find out on the internet to understand the role of the various components and how they work. The next step was to squeeze with the software and operating systems. On my old PC, an old Athlon 64 Dual Core, I tried everything.┬áSometimes I spent periods when I change operating systems every week. I went from the classic Windows XP, to the Ice edition version, to the Extreme edition and other unofficial custom versions. Then I discovered Linux: Ubuntu, Lubuntu, Debian and Arch, but I had the biggest satisfaction after successfully installing – I have lost at least a week of time – Mac OS X Snow Leopard.

Over the years I have learned how to assemble custom desktop computers, repair them – where possible -, and perform classic maintenance, repair, recovery, data recovery, etc.. Even today I still repair and assemble custom PCs, mainly gaming machines commissioned by friends or acquaintances who know me by simple word of mouth. I’ll leave you a video of my last build here below.

After computers, the next step were Android smartphones. Initially, I gave myself to modding: ROM change, Kernel, Custom ROM, Alpha release and much more. Having then had the good fortune to write reviews for GizChina.it, I spent periods in which I changed a smartphone every ten days, trying out many of the major Chinese brands.

Subsequently, I also tried some repair to friends or acquaintances of the main models. However in recent years, due to the difficulty of finding original spare parts, but especially the new design and borderless display and unibody design, I stopped replacing damaged glasses and displays, due to the cost of spare parts and the increasing difficulty.

In parallel to the world of computers and smartphones, in 2012 I discovered Bitcoin and, although in alternate periods, I approached more and more the world of cryptocurrency, especially on blockchain technology behind them. In particular, starting in 2017 I became even closer to this world, both for the speculative part and especially for the study of the blockchain and any real applications.

Finally, after the boom in interests for smartphones, I approached the world of photography, a passion that I often take in hand during the summer season.